Welcome to the official website for health and science writer Carol Svec (because there are so many people trying to claim that meager title). 

I hope you were lured in by the photo of the cute dog at top. That's my puppy, Roxie. As of February 2017 she is 11 months old. She is a real charmer, but one of the weirdest dogs I've known. Roxie thinks she can talk, but humans only hear her growl--that leaves us trying to figure out whether her current growl means "pet me," "feed me," "take me out," or "make room on the couch." She hates the outdoors the way most cats hate water. She'll go out long enough to do her business, but none of that distasteful exploring or ball-playing for Roxie. She'll go for a walk only after being dragged down the driveway. Very strange (but lovable) puppy.

I'll have more information about my upcoming book and new projects throughout this year, and random ramblings about work and life in my blog.

Thank you for visiting!